Eurobodalla Coast Gardens

The glorious Eurobodalla coast with it's temperate climate makes it the perfect place for gardening all-year-round.

Check out our tips below on lawn care, native gardens and ourlist of  local garden centres.

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Looking after your lawn is easy. Some say you just "grow it and mow it" but often it needs some extra tender loving care.

Why is regular lawn care important?

The most obvious answer would be that it's all about the appearance of your garden.  By following a regular regime in lawn and garden care you can make a significant difference to the health of your lawn.

As lawn mowing professionals, Best Lawn Mowing uses recommended mowing techniques that help improve the quality of your lawn. An important practice we use in lawn mowing is not to cut the grass too short as this can lead to thatching, and damage to the grass plant that will eventually result in unsightly dead patches and weed invasion.

If you already have weeds in your lawn then regular mowing can help control spread. If the weeds are already out of control than we would recommend applying weed control spray.

How often should I mow my lawn?

The regularity of mowing your lawn may depend upon a few factors such as: the condition of the lawn; its location (whether an open or shaded site); its usage; and the time of year. Normally we would recommend a fortnightly cut in Summer and once a month during Winter.

What else can I do to care for my lawn?

In Summer, regular watering is recommended to help your lawn survive the dry spells. However, it is important to check with the local council to find out about water usage restrictions.

In Winter,  before the ground gets too cool, give your lawn a feed. A 2-in-1 feed & weed spray formula works well. Before doing so, it's a good idea to aerate the lawn first.  Either using a garden fork or you can hire an aerating machine if you have a large lawn.  Creating holes a couple of centimetres deep allows the water and fertilizer to reach the grass roots.

If your lawn surface has built up a layer of dead grass or mulch it may need de-thatching.  This can be done with a rake or again, for large lawns, a de-thatching machine can be hired. If thatching builds up, it prevents water and fertilizer penetrating the soil and encourages the growth of weeds.  

To further care for your lawn in Winter it is also best to lift the mower blade height so the grass plants get maximum sun and protects them from frost bite.

Following these few simple recommendations will help keep your lawn looking neat and healthy throughout the year. If you have a problem handling any of the above tasks, we are here to help -

Give Tim a call on 0401 730 034 
or see our Contact Page

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Information on water restrictions can be found on the Eurobodalla Council website 

For a list of local garden centres See Below.


For successful results in your coastal region gardens select local native plants.

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Local native plants will save you a lot of money as well as help protect our environment.

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How do local native plants help the environment?

Many invasive and noxious weeds in our country are not wild in origin but have spread from gardens that have used imported plant species.  We recommend planting natives and if you do have imported plants ensure that they do not spread by removing runners and seed heads. Using native plants can protect the environment and save you money.

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How does selecting local plants save you money? 

They are already adapted to the climate and coastal environment so you'll experience less losses. As native plants are more drought tolerant and require less water, fertiliser and pest control.

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What types of native plants are available?

There are a very wide variety of native and adaptable imported plants that are happy to live in our coastal region without posing a risk to the environment should they escape your garden.

There are larger trees such as Claret Ash, Native Figs. Wattle, Banksia and Bottlebrush, smaller varieties such as Palms, Maples, Honey Myrtle and Magnolias.

Shrubs worth considering are Boobialla, Christmas Bush, Correa and the salt hardy Native Rosemary.

Vines like Wonga, Native Sarsaparilla and Star Jasmine and ground covering plants such as Grevillea are less likely to be invasive.

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A variety of ferns including Asparagus, Prickly and Rasp ferns make good textural ground covers.

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For colour you can add Blue Flax-lily, White Native Iris, Gymea Lily, Bird of Paradise, Fan-flowers, Paper Daisies and Perennial Pinks.

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For textural interest try Kangaroo grass, Curly Wallaby Grass and Knobby Club-rush.

By using plants like these you can create an easy care garden that will attract bees, butterflies and birds to make your garden come alive. Native plants help your garden sit well within the natural environment.

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Take a stroll around your suburb and see what natives are growing well. Visit your local national park or botanic garden to inspire your choice of plants and garden design.

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Planting is best carried out in the cooler months to avoid heat shock and allow the roots to penetrate, water in well and add mulch.  Apart from the occasional pruning and water top-ups when hot weather extends, you can pretty much ‘set and forget’.

To find out what native plants are available visit your local nursery and have a chat to them about local native plants. They should be able to show you plants grown from seeds or cuttings collected and germinated in the local area and these plants will thrive well having already adapted to local conditions, whereas, many larger garden and hardware centres (not named here but you know who they are) will not stock 'local' native plants.

Check out our list of local garden centres below.

Local Garden Centres

Get some garden planting and landscape ideas of what plants flourish in our local area by visiting the Eurobodalla Region Botanical GardensThe Botanical Gardens are located on the Princes Highway between Batemans Bay and Mogo, New South Wales: Telephone: (02) 4471 2544

A great place to appreciate the south coast's natural environment ."The site abounds with a wide variety of flora and fauna; the original flora of the area includes many of the 2000 species found within the Collecting Region, and the fauna consists of kangaroos, wallabies, bandicoots, possums, echidnas, snakes, lizards, frogs and many bird species. Display gardens, walking tracks, picnic and barbecue facilities, an herbarium, information centre and café are some of the features to be found in the Gardens complex." More info:

List of Local Nurseries Local garden centres for new plants, garden decor, gardening materials and equipment:

  • Narooma Garden Centre Narooma Plaza Princes Hwy, Narooma, NSW, 2546 (02) 44763366
  • Dalmeny Nursery & Landscape Centre Industrial Area, Dalmeny, NSW, 2546 (02) 44767905
  • The Spires Nursery Corkhill Drv, Tilba Tilba, NSW, 2546 (02) 44737196
  • Trunketabella Gardens & Nursery Princes Hwy, Bodalla, NSW, 2545 (02) 44735262
  • Bodalla Nursery 195 Princes Hwy, Bodalla, NSW, 2545 0244735166
  • Bermagui Sand & Gravel 39 Alexander Dr, Bermagui, NSW, 2546 (02) 64934695
  • Eurobodalla Permaculture & Organic Growing Yarimup Pl, Moruya, NSW, 2537 (02) 44743971
  • Wudina Gardens Nursery 105 Congo Rd, Moruya, NSW, 2537 0429420894
  • Greenlands Garden Centre 89 Queen St, Moruya, NSW, 2537 (02) 44740222
  • Eurobodalla Landscaping Supplies Lot 15- 16 Shelley Rd, Moruya North NSW 2537 (02) 4474 3341
  • Quality Indoor & Outdoor Plants Mogo Nursery (02) 4474 4959
  • Mogo Cottage Garden Nurseries - Mogo, NSW 30 Sydney St, Mogo NSW 2536 (02) 4474 0092 
  • Mogo Orchid & Fern Nursery Garden Nurseries - Mogo, NSW 14 Charles St, Mogo NSW 2536 (02) 4474 2291
  • Bodalla Nursery Garden Nurseries - Bodalla, NSW 195 Princes Hwy, Bodalla NSW 2545 (02) 4473 5166
  • Plants Plus Garden Nurseries - Batehaven, NSW 2 Edward Rd, Batehaven NSW 2536 (02) 4472 6228
  • Nature Coast Gardens Nursery Princes Hwy, Batemans Bay NSW 2536 (02) 4472 1322




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